The Ponkiesburg Pickin' Party
est. 2000

What's Ponkiesburg???

The Ponk

Sam "The Ponk" Jones was a notorious outlaw in 19th century Brooklyn. He terrorized the roads between Brooklyn and its outlying agricultural towns, robbing farmers on their way home from selling their goods. When he was finally caught, he was imprisoned in the Kings County Jail, a small structure just across from the later location of the Brooklyn Men's House of Detention (approximately where Barnes & Noble is now). Dozens of townspeople from Flatbush, Midwood, Gravesend and other outlying towns came into town with their instruments and celebrated his capture. This developed into a tradition of playing music within earshot of convicted criminals, until the closing of the jail in 2003 and the subsequent move of the Pickin' Party to a new home.

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